My tiny hometown back in Indiana is its own little world, as is the case with so many small towns in the Midwest.  I am very thankful for where I come from.  To the friends, coaches, and teachers who helped me get to where I am today, I'll forever be grateful.

Next, my journey led me to Indiana University where I met so many great people and have so many wonderful memories.  I still carry many of these friendships with me today.

I spent the beginning of my professional career in Indianapolis.  I took a job in sales and very much enjoyed working with new people and finding solutions for customer's needs, but my true passion was for the outdoors.  So, I decided to try to align my personal and professional interests.  Ever since, I have worked in environmental consulting.

For as long as I can now remember, I had always dreamed of moving out west, and so I jumped on an opportunity in 2018 to move out to Seattle, WA.  I love the mountains and the water, so this place has easily become home.  I am always adventuring and exploring new areas and hobbies, and I'm very thankful to have so many great people around me to share these experiences with.

You can now find me doing the things I love, which is incredible to be able to type here out for you to read.  I spend my time climbing throughout the Pacific Northwest, mountaineering to some of the most amazing summits in the lower 48, backpacking through the Cascades, fly fishing in high lakes and beautiful rivers.  When I'm not outside, you can find me at a local pub with friends, reading a good book, or attempting to play my piano/harmonica.

I created this blog site to provide an outlet for me to share what's on my mind, then I was sucked into all of the widgets on here.  I truly hope you enjoy the material, and please feel free to provide any feedback so I can make this a better experience.